T20 at the Oval

T20 at the Oval
23rd September 2016 voldran
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I spent Friday night at the iconic Oval cricket ground watching Surrey beat Sussex in the Nat West T20 Blast. The English domestic T20 is much criticised when compared to the IPL and other competitions but from where I was sitting in Kennington there’s not too much wrong with it. A balmy evening, a full house, music, fireworks, families, old and young fans and yes, a few drinks among the city boys bit all in good humour. Of course not every ground is the Oval and not every day ends in warm sunshine and a red sunset, but anyone negative about our competition would have struggled last night or indeed the night before at Lords where Middlesex beat Surrey. Maybe the answer is to franchise the T20 teams, playing at just the big city test grounds. That wouldn’t go down well at counties such as Northants but perhaps they can receive revenue shares with whoever they merge with for T20 purposes. 8 big city teams with a mix of all the counties. Either way, it worked last night but it evidently does not work consistently across all counties. Does anyone have any better ideas?

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